Teacher Feature| Craig Everhart


IB Biology teacher Craig Everhart has been teaching for eight years. During his time at Robinson teaching Pre-IB Biology Honors and IB Biology 2 and 3, he has remained one of Robinson’s most colorful personalities.

Along with biology, he also helps coach the football team.

“I started out in pre-med but I was a volunteer [football] coach at the local high school. I enjoyed the process and how I could influence young people’s lives,” said Everhart. “They usually don’t have much of a home life and I’m giving them an opportunity.”

Everhart went to Union Town Lake High School in Ohio and then the University of Akron where he got a bachelor’s degree in science and biology and a master’s degree in science and sports science.

“My favorite thing about science is that it’s constantly changing,” said Everhart. “It applies to all areas of education.”

Outside of school, Everhart enjoys going to the beach near his home, reading, visiting friends and families, and gardening, which he admits that he has a special talent for. He also likes eating blackened grouper.

One aspect of Everhart that has puzzled his students for years is his unusual friendship with physics teacher Manuel Montero and how they interact with each other: by screaming through the walls.

“Why do I scream randomly?” he said. “Because entropy* happens.”

*Entropy: a lack of order or predicability, a gradual decline into disorder