Teacher Feature| Rebekah Buskirk


Photo R. Matamba

Rebekah Buskirk teaches English 2 Honors and English 3

Renee Matamba, Staff Writer

Junior and Sophomore English teacher Rebekah Buskirk is a very young hearted teacher here at Robinson High School.

She attended Mena High School in the small town of Mena, Arkansas. She later went on to study at the University of North Texas, where she majored in Education, for her 4 year degree.

As the time went by after her college years, she became interested in reading, going to the beach and motorcycling. She also enjoys traveling, she has been to Europe, and Coast to Coast in the US along the southern states.

Her talents include being able to explain and simplify difficult concepts, and finding an understanding with most of the people she meets. She also enjoys sewing and used to make her daughters’ prom and homecoming dresses.

She is a very social and happy person, and is very easy going.

“I think one of the things I’m most passionate about is, being positive in every part of my life, and being around people who are positive and I’m also passionate about motorcycling,” she said with a laugh.