Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Claire Chen and Gabriela O'Brion

In honor of Be a Millionaire Day, several Robinson students and teachers wondered what they would do if they suddenly struck it rich.

Alice Lee (’16): “I would buy my own island and live on it by myself, because I hate everyone.”

Mr. Everhart: “I would give all of it to talking llamas in the desert just so I can hear them say thank you.”

Eleni Yannakopoulos (’16): “I would buy things I needed to live, like a house, clothes, and food and be selfish.”

Mrs. Zuppa: “I would buy a  new house. Honestly, I don’t like mine.”

Freya Wang  (’16): “I’d invest in a dairy farm on the moon because it’s made of cheese.”

Mr. Simmons: “I would by land as an investment.”

Abram Scharf (’16): “I would put it into savings, and save a little bit of Africa.”