Sibling Q&A With the Loges Sisters


AnnaBeth Graves, Staff Writer

What is your favorite color?
Aline Loges: Purple
Luiza Loges: Blue

Out of the two of you, who is more outgoing?
AL: Luiza
LL: Me

What is your favorite school subject?
AL: English
LL: Math and science

Who is your parents favorite?
AL: Our brother
LL: Definitely our brother

Who is more athletic?
AL: Luiza
LL: Me

What is your sisters eye color?
AL: Brown
LL: Brown

Is it hard or weird going to the same school?
AL: No, it’s not weird.
LL: Not at all.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
AL: Luiza is very smart.
LL: I love her fashion sense.