Teacher Feature| Sarah Taylor Fritch


Photo E. Draper

Emily Draper and Natalia Ayoub

Sarah Taylor Fritch grew up in Shelton, Connecticut, where she lived for seven years before moving to Tampa. Graduating from Sickles High School and the University of South Florida, Taylor majored in Music Education. Growing up, she expressed an interest in education.

“I have always loved being in school, and I have always loved learning and helping teachers after school,” said Taylor. “It was kind of cool when I actually got to college and got to put it into practice. I did internships.”

She currently teaches Orchestra I-IV, Guitar I-III, Musical Theater I-III, and Vocal Ensemble IV Honors.

As for her hobbies? The list is almost perpetual. She especially enjoys playing the violin, swimming, playing tennis, biking, and spending time with family and friends. Along with her musical talents, many know her by her realistic chicken cluck impression.  In her free time, she plays the violin at weddings and other special events.

“I love being able to share my passion with others. I like seeing other people become passionate about [music] as well.”