Rallying Around Robots

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Rallying Around Robots

Gabriela O'Brion, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday May 28th, the future Robinson Robotics Club had their first meeting. They met in Mr. Pippin’s room durin A lunch and elected leadershio for next year.
“It used to be a club, but then it died,” Said Arianna Krinos (’15). “Now we’re trying to start it back up again.”
The captain Maria Kuge (’16), estimates that the club will have over eighteen members next year, including the newly elected leaders. These positions include the co-captain, Kyle Johnson (’17), the PR Specialist, Falish Kurji (’16), and the Programming Manager, Arianna Krinos (’15).
“I’m excited to work with everybody and help them program robots,” said Johnson. “I think it’ll be a great year.”
If you join the club next year, plan on taking part in a variety of activities, including programming robots, attending conventions, and taking part in competitions. No experience is required to join the club.
“I don’t really know anything about robotics,” said Kurji. “I just think it’s kind of cool.”

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