Exam Anxiety Q&A

Emily Draper and Natalia Ayoub

How do you feel about exams? What are your study plans?

Esther Cer (’17): “I am so nervous because I have a lot of tests going on [this week], and I also have to study for all of these exams. Definitely American Government and English will be the hardest exams because I have B’s in them and I have to get A’s in order to get an A average for the semester. I will probably procrastinate, but I will try hard to. I will try to study hard over the weekend.”

Diana Cabrera Soto (’16): ” I am stressed because I have a lot of hard classes. I think the exam I have to study the most for is probably math. I intend on doing Quizlets to study.”

Ian Aspuria (’16): “I am nervous for exams, but I just have to study. I will study an hour each night. Right now, I am studying Geometry. I use flash cards for vocab and learning new words or terms I don’t already know.”

Zi Jim Chan (’16): “I feel prepared enough because my teachers are so nice, so kind, and so caring, and they give me all the exam reviews I need. I plan on studying just a little bit more, not a lot, by looking over my exam reviews.”

Megan Moriarty (’15): “I am going to go over my review packets, probably for about ten minutes every day so I can go over anything I do not remember. I am worried and I think I am going to fail because I don’t know anything about any of my classes.”