Painful Memories

Claire Chen and Gabriela O'Brion

While most high school injuries consist of the pains of strains and sprains of various body parts, some students who engage in strenuous activities can acquire more unique wounds.
Lance Peltier (’17), a gymnast and wrestler on the school’s varsity team, has seen his fair share of injuries, especially during his gymnastics practice sessions.
“I was doing a handstand on the parallel bars in the gym when I fell on my head, knocking myself out and dislocating my right shoulder. When I woke up, the entire gym was standing around me and my mom was like ‘ok’. I got up, went home, and was back at the gym in 2 months,” said Peltier.
Athletics are not the only reason for Peltier’s injuries, however.
“One day, I was going into the garage and my dad was fixing the chainsaw. He scared me and when I turned around, there were metal-edged stairs,” said Peltier. “I cut open my left shin and I could actually see my shinbone.”
Victor Rivera (’17) is another freshman who has acquired some unusual injuries.
“I was in Puerto Rico 6 years ago, walking out of a little convenience store with my family. There were some guys that drove by and started shooting everywhere. I got shot in my left shoulder with a real gun and I had to go to the hospital,” said Rivera.”I was really scared and thought that I was going to die.
Another less serious but equally interesting injury that Rivera sustained involved a potentially dangerous creature of the sea.
“I was in the water at Clearwater Beach when a bull shark came and scratched my leg,” said Rivera. “It also bit my right foot.”