Sibling Q&A: Marissa & Malachai


Marissa Howes and Malachai Rogers

Rhiannon Leebert, Staff Writer

With Marissa Howes and Malachai Rogers

Q: What is your funniest or most embarrassing memory of your sibling?

Marissa- “One Halloween Malachai dressed up as a dead old woman with fake boobs and all.”

Malachai- “Every time Marissa trips it’s not just once, it’s multiple times and that’s what’s so funny about it.”

Q: What is your favorite holiday?

Marissa- “Christmas, because my entire family gets together and we all get along plus I can actually get away with watching Charlie brown’s Christmas all day without being questioned.”

Malachai- “4th of July, because I can legally blow things up.”

Q: What is your favorite class and why?

Marissa- “Musical Theater, I’ve always felt that I have a place in that class and I want to do musical theater as a career.”

Malachai- “Aerospace, because I like working with my hands and building things.”

Q: What is your favorite color?

Marissa- “Blue, if I had to choose a shade it’d be navy.”

Malachai- “PURPLE!”

Q: What is your favorite food?

Marissa- “Sushi, any kind.”

Malachai- “Waffles……”

Q: If you had the chance to meet a famous person, who would it be?

Marissa- “Darren Criss, because he is like the most beautiful man I know.”

Malachai- “Adam Sandler or Tina Fey because they are extremely funny and I like laughing.”

Q: What is your favorite subject?

Marissa- “AP Lit, or English.”

Malachai- “Aerospace, like I said I like working with my hands.”

Q: What was your favorite year of middle school?

Marissa- “8th grade, because I knew that Malachai would most likely get the same teachers I had so I gave them a hard time so they would give him a hard time.”

Malachai- “8th grade, because I knew I was one year away from getting out of middle school.”

Q: Does your sibling have nice handwriting?

Marissa- “No, but he did in the 5th grade I have no idea what happened.”

Malachai- “YEA, definitely better than mine.”

Q: Describe your sibling…

Marissa- “He has good intentions, he’s out there, he loves animals and he is obsessed with waffles, he even sings a stupid song about them.”

Malachai- “She’s an awesome person, she’s always there for me and she’s a great person to talk to. I don’t really go to my mom when I have a problem, I go to her.”