Bible Gives Teacher Wisdom, Help

Isabel Giovannetti, Staff Writer

All around Robinson, teachers have their books listed on their doors. From Science-Fiction to Self-Help, it seems that every genre has been covered by the Robinson faculty.

However, Physics teacher Manuel Montero has been reading the same book his whole life- the Bible.

“I put that on there because I am not a big reader. And the book that I most frequently read is the Bible,” he said.

Ever since he was a young adult, Montero has turned to the Bible for wisdom and advice. He says he easily reads it once a week.

“Whenever I’m looking for something, that’s where I’ll go. It’s my reference for life.”

The novel listed before the Bible on his “Currently Reading” sign, also provided him with more spiritual inspiration.

The book tells the story of a missionary in Venezuela who gave his life for his message of Christianity.

Montero had the opportunity to meet the former wife of that missionary. She spoke at his church about her story and her religious inspiration.

For his entire life, Montero has turned to books like these for advice and comfort.

“I hope [reading] it says that I’m looking for wisdom in the right place.”