A (Physic)al Attraction to Science


Photo M. Hall

Fuller is also a varsity cheerleader.

Emily Draper, Staff Writer

Jordan Fuller (’15) has high hopes for her future. Fuller wishes to attend either MIT or Georgia Tech next year in order to pursue her goal of becoming a biomedical engineer.

Fuller says her interest in this field was sparked by her father.

“My dad is a scientist and he also has a disease, and I would like to be able to cure it. It’s an autoimmune disease, and it’s also related to mental disorders,” Fuller said. “What I want to do is I want to be able to cure that disease, and I can do that trough biomedical engineering and neuroscience, which is what I want to major in.”

Fuller has taken both Chemistry and Biology since junior year; however, for many of the college she is applying to, it is important to have taken Physics.

Fuller solved this issue by spending her study hall period at school in Physics teacher Manuel Montero’s room.

“I found out that to be competitive at top colleges, it is good to have a whole physics credit, and because I love Biology and Chemistry so much, I was not able to fulfill that requirement,” said Fuller.

Fuller is unable to have a full-year Physics credit that she knows is necessary to her future successes as an engineer.

“I want to take the Physics subject test, and [Montero] can help me with that,” Fuller said. “I want to major in engineering. The subject test can fulfill the requirement of Physics for me.”
In addition to Fuller’s intense academic schedule, she also participates in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom.

“What I have definitely discovered, other than doing engineering summer programs [that I have done], something that helps is the fact that I play sports, like cheerleading and flag football,” said Fuller. “That is something unique that many students that I have met over the summer do not do.”

Fuller’s passion for science arose at a very young age. She was surrounded by science as a child and has loved it ever since.

“I first knew I loved science when I was a kid. My dad used to make me watch all of these nature shows, and I guess I just had a love for science at such an early age after that.”