Is Trio the New Instagram?

Michelle Aros and Charlotte Rose

Trio, a new app by developer Meograph, was released March 4 to the iOS app store. Trio is a social media platform that allows people to mash-up their favorite gifs, videos, photos, and music. Instead of posting just pictures and videos, users can combine both in an easy fashion. To put the app’s usefulness to the test, we had students and teachers give us their opinion on the new app.

Drew Anderson
Photo Michelle Aros

Drew Anderson, World History Teacher:

Q. What were your first thoughts on the app?

A. “It seems kind of strange, very random.”



Emily Ray ('16)
Photo Michelle Aros

Emily Ray (’16):

Q. Do you like the idea of combining other social media apps into one?

A. “No, not really. I think Twitter is more for expressing what you’re feeling or what’s going on in your life, and I guess Instagram is to just show what you’re doing in a timely manner.”

Evangelene Iavarone ('17)
Photo Michelle Aros

Evangelene Iavarone (’17):

Q. Do you think it has the potential to be the next Instagram?

A. “No, because Instagram is just pictures. I prefer pictures more than videos because then you don’t have to listen to sound effects or anything so if you’re in a place where you can’t listen to anything, then it’s not useful.”

Nick Viveros ('18)
Photo Michelle Aros


Nicholas Viveros (’18):

Q. Would you ever use this app?

A. “Yes I would. I’m gonna keep it now. Gonna gain some followers.”



Our Review of the App: We believe that it’s an interesting app that still needs changes to be the “next Instagram.” Mainstream social media sites such as, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat will be relevant for quite some time and we don’t think the app can surpass the already known social networking sites. It shows potential, but until people get tired of liking pictures and watching seconds worth of video, Trio will not be as popular or known as others. The idea is creative but we don’t think that people are ready for a change from just pictures and videos.