Secret Past: History Teacher Raised By Wolves


Photo I. Giovannetti

Anderson with a picture of one of the wolves who helped raise him.

Michelle Aros, Staff Writer

Drew Anderson, freshmen World History teacher, has released a secret he has never told anyone before. Anderson was raised by wolves when he was a child.

“One day I went outside to play and walked into the forest that spread behind my house in North Carolina. I got really lost. All I could see was trees and more trees. But that’s when I saw them,” said Anderson.

Anderson claims that he was lost in the Nantahala National forest for about a month. He says that officials couldn’t find him sooner because of how large the forest was. The Nantahala National forest is about 531,000 acres, which Anderson believes is the reason why police officials took so long to find him.

“I was all alone for weeks and all I could do was eat berries, which I hoped were edible and eat gross bugs,” he recounts. “But I finally found the wolves by the time I reached my second week. They were in a large pack and were all staring at me, but not in a violent way. It was weird.”

Anderson believes that there was some sort of connection when he first saw the wolves.

“They gave me a look that was almost in a way filled with sympathy. They came close and nuzzled into my arms,” he said. “I was freaking out at first, but then I realized that they were friendly. They took me into their pack and offered me rabbit meat. It was pretty gross.”

“But, they continued to offer me shelter, protection, and food so I stuck with them. That’s how I lasted for a month until officers found me in a remote area in the forest and to be honest, I didn’t want to leave them,” said Anderson.

Anderson to this day feels that those wolves were close to being family and hopes that they are doing well.

“I think of them every day and I hope to see them again when I visit,” Anderson says. “Wolves are just the best people to live with.”

Anderson also noted that it was April Fool’s.