Not Just Dance Partners


Photo M. Aros

Four members of MLDC: Zachary, Ferrer, Hall and Dillion.

Michelle Aros, Staff Writer

Major League Dance Crew is a band of brothers. While not actually related, the 2015 talent show winners  have bonded through dance since their middle school years.

Nicholas Ferrer (’18) said “At first it was just a little thing and now we take it more seriously. People start recognizing us for that.”

Also known as MLDC, the group uses  animation style dance, related to the popping dance style which began in the 1960s and 1970s.

The group started with four members, and now has six:  Dillion Williams (’18), Zachary Williams (’18), Ferrer, Joshua Hernandez (’18), Kameron Shell (’17) and Daquori D’Ornellas (’18).

“[Working with each other is] sometimes a pain, but you know, it’s fun,” Dillion said. “[I see them as] family, closest friends- squad as they call it.”

MLDC works in a friendly atmosphere and keeps priorities in mind.

“When we have to take stuff seriously, we’ll take it seriously,” said Hall. But most of time we joke around and have fun-,”

“[and] be ourselves,” Ferrer said.

“Yeah, be ourselves,” Hall said.

However, MLDC finds itself in disagreement when working through the creative process.

“What we get into fights mainly about is, let’s say the talent show for example. [It was mainly about] what the choreography is going to be. One person is doing this, they’re not getting enough attention- some get physical,” Ferrer said. “We always try to compromise. You get over it.”

The group manages to find common ground in their similar goals.

“[Our hope with the group is] not just to be noticed or known, but to have fun. Have fun and be as a family and get popular. [The] last thing is to be sponsored,” Hall said.

MLDC sees dance as more than just an extracurricular activities.

“Oh yes, [we will dance] throughout the rest of our lives,” said Ferrer about their future in dancing. “Just for as long as we can. If you ask me, I’d say that I’ll dance until I can’t anymore.”