Nathan Sykes Takes a New Turn


Photo K. Corwin

Nathan Sykes, former member of The Wanted, releases his first solo single.

Ashlea Daniels and Kaitlyn Corwin

Nathan Sykes is not exactly a household name, but with his former band The Wanted, his voice plagued radio stations with the band’s hit song “Glad You Came.” Two years ago, the band decided to take a hiatus to focus on personal projects and Sykes is finally taking things to the next level.

Recently, In Depth department members Kaitlyn Corwin (’17) and Ashlea Daniels (’18) sat down with yearbook business manager Savon Crumity (’16) to critique the video for Sykes’ newest single “Kiss Me Quick.”

0:15– “It’s kind of awkward that he’s wearing all black with white shoes,” said Ashlea.

“That’s true, but it fits the scene,” replied Savon.

0:31– “What? Is he grabbing a stick? Wait, no, he’s snapping,” said Kaitlyn. “He can’t snap though. It’s totally a snap track, not even a real snap,” she said.

0:44– “He’s standing on a black box, why does he have a random black box?” said Savon.

“Why does he have four drummers? How many drummers does one guy need?” said Kaitlyn.

0:56– “Why do the drums say N.S… Oh, Nathan Sykes,” said Savon.

1:03– “I feel like he has a really awkward look,” said Ashlea.

“But his eyebrows,” said Savon.

“He looks like a sloth! That’s what I’m telling you,” said Kaitlyn.

“It kind of throws off the entire video because of his awkwardness,” said Ashlea.

1:28– “This reminds me too much of a Justin Timberlake video,” said Ashlea.

“Yes!” said Savon.

“Maybe that’s his um…” he said.

“Inspiration?” added Kaitlyn.

1:45– “Why is he just going upstairs? Why did he change his outfit?” said Kaitlyn.

“Why is he in an airplane hangar?” said Savon.

2:04– “What’s the name of this song?” said Savon.

“Kiss Me Quick, which he’s said way too many times. Okay, they just went from a solo trumpet player to like twenty,” said Ashlea.

“That’s crazy… that’s a whole lot of brass,” said Kaitlyn.

2:17– “I think he’s just trying too hard,” said Ashlea.

“He could have done it so much more romantically,” replied Savon.

2:43– “His pedestal turned white!” said Ashlea.

“Really? It did! Okay!” said Savon.

“So, it just all switched colors?” said Kaitlyn.

“Yeah. His shoes throw me off. It looks like he has no feet,” said Savon.

2:55– “I love that shirt though. Not that one, where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Come back. Uh, it went off! But no, no that shirt was nice…” said Savon.