New Year, New Resolutions

Morgan Felt , Staff Writer

With the start of a new year come many new resolutions, from getting fit to procrastinating less, many people are pledging to start off the new year with a bang, but will these resolutions last?

We interviewed five Robinson staff and students share their hope to make life altering changes this year, and four weeks later we are planning to check in with them to see if they held up their resolutions.

Emma Duffey (’17)

Emma Duffey (’17) practices her calligraphy skills.

“For christmas I got an embroidery kit and a CD with virtual classes and I’ve been practicing the different stitches, and for the new year I want to really learn how to embroider different patterns and pictures.”

Emma says her inspiration for starting was the multiple posts she saw on Instagram and she hopes embroidery will give her a non stressful hobby outside from school and work.

Daniel DeYoung (’19)

Here Daniel DeYoung (’19) utilizes his Ja to work on some math homework

“Last semester I procrastinated, a lot and it really affected me in a negative way. I got less sleep my grades suffered and overall I was really stressed out, so this year I am planning to take all my big assignments in little chunks to make sure I can accomplish them”

Daniel is hoping to improve his happiness and well being as he takes on his sophomore year in high school and create lasting habits that will stick with him until he graduates.

Ralph Gonzalez (’17)

Ralph Gonzalez (’17) shows off his muscles, as he gets fit for the new year.

“It’s one of the most cliche resolutions but I really want to get fit this year. I’m planning on starting small at first, working out for 30 minutes every day, then gradually increase until I’m happy with my results.”

Ralph says that his inspiration for getting healthier is so he can keep up the good habits in the coming up graduation while he is in college.

Martha Landron

Señora Landron practices being patient while talking with a student about her Spanish External Assessment.

“I have been getting very stressed lately and my students have been noticing and I don’t want to take out my stress on them. I care about them all deeply and I genuinely want them to do well and especially with my seniors they need to do well on their IB exams.”

So can these four keep up their New Year’s Resolutions? We’ll find out in four weeks!