Lorenzo Migliara (’19) explores both lacrosse and poetry


Photo K. Corwin

Lorenzo Migliara (’19) adjusts the dress shirt he wore for lacrosse.

Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor

During the semi-final game at a lacrosse tournament hosted in Atlanta, GA., Lorenzo Migliara (’19) witnessed the outbreak of a fight. A player from the opposing team jumped on the back of one of Migliara’s teammates and attempted to strangle him with a lacrosse stick.

“The scoreboard was in our favor and they were getting pretty sour about it,” he said. “[After the first guy lashed out,] it kind of blew up, and everyone started fighting.”

Having played lacrosse since the age of about nine, Migliara has witnessed many fights but most times he tries to set a good example, he said, by breaking up the violence and helping to get the game back on track. Before starting high school, he played midfield for his club team, but since joining the Robinson team, he now plays offense.

While he does dedicate the majority of his free time to lacrosse, Migliara also writes poetry.

“Usually, it’s all about how I’m feeling at the moment. I just have thoughts in my head and put [them] into words that sound poetic, and kind of build off that and turn it into something that embodies my opinion connected to that day’s situations.”

Migliara has received recognition for his work, being named finalist in an online poetry contest, and has fallen into the habit of jotting down ideas as they come to him, adding to these notes whenever inspiration strikes. For him, both the sport of lacrosse and the written form of poetry are art forms in a sense.

“The way lacrosse is played and handled is different for everyone. It’s fluid, an art, rather than some sports that are just mechanic. I have my own little personality and lacrosse-playing style. You [can] take the basic fundamentals and put a little spin into it.”