Kurup goes international


Milin Kurup (’18) stands in front of his display of his science fair experiment.

Ashlea Daniels, Features Editor

Milin Kurup (’18) didn’t expect to go as far as he did in the science fair. But then he was called for first place in the Biomedical Division, giving him the opportunity to advance to the sate level representing Hillsborough County.

But it doesn’t stop there. Kurup was listed in the top 26 in the district, making him one of two from that list to be selected to compete at the international level. The only thing Kurup could do was gasp.

“When I was in elementary school, my school said I wasn’t gifted enough to even participate in [the] STEM fair. But with hard work and an enthusiasm for science, I’m part of this phenomenal team representing the US in largest science competition in the world.” Kurup said. “Anything is possible with persistence.”

Kurup, motivated my the early rejection in his life, created an experiment with a purpose; one to spread awareness about the dangers involved in overconsumption of sugar-free products.

“I was seeing what was the root causes of Alzheimer’s Disease,” Kurup said. “I discovered that many diet foods add sugar substitutes which cause brain damage.”

After the state competition that will take place March 27-29, Kurup will move on to the international level in Philadelphia where he will represent team America. He will compete against each participating country and meet Nobel Science Winners.

“I’m most excited about the opportunities ahead; about meeting these Nobel scientist and about [going] to Philly,” Kurup said.

While Kurup is in Philadelphia for a week in May, he will not only meet well-respected scientists, but visit landmarks with team USA and overall spend time interacting with the science community. This comes with a downside as this is also a week of IB exams so he will have to take some of his exams in Philadelphia.

“I mean I wish I could take my exam[s] with my friends and classmates, but I can’t let this opportunity go to waste… it [will] be worth it.”