The lifestyle of track stud Myron Ausby


Myron Ausby (’20) runs his second lap around the track as a warm up before track practice.

Abigail Meyer, Staff Writer

“It’s a life style,” Myron Ausby (’20) said.

Ausby has been running track since the 6th grade and has loved every second of it. He manages to stay humble through any success, believing, “I’m OK at track”.

Meanwhile, track coach and reading teacher Kailyn Morman says that Ausby is a “quiet leader”.

“He shows up, puts in his work, and does it without a single complaint,” Morman said. “The best thing about Myron is that, as a sophomore, he has only scratched the surface of how good he can be.”

But Ausby hasn’t found any success by luck.

“Some kids, you can roll out of bed and run a decent time,” Ausby said. “But you really have to work if you want to achieve states.”

The highest Ausby has placed at a meet this season is fifth overall and he hopes to improve.

But Ausby was introduced to this passion of his almost by accident. As a long-time football player, Ausby wanted to step into a new realm of sports and try something other than what he thought was the stereotypical football and basketball.

“I found somebody who ran track at FSU and he trains me,” Ausby said about his growth in the sport.

But it’s become about much more than athletics.

“And you know, [I’ve learned] life lessons from him,” Ausby said. “So [the discipline and success] wouldn’t have happened.”

Ausby has grown up as a military dependent, which has forced him to move a number of times. The numerous track teams he’s been a part of have been his ways in to each new home. And track has become a constant in his life.

Morman believes that if Ausby continues to push himself, he has the potential to place at states “multiple times in multiple events”, and hopes his work ethic and attitude show others what Robinson track is all about.

But, if you ask Ausby about how he thinks his season is going, he would characteristically tell you: “decent”.

So, Robinson will wait and see.