Teacher feature: Charley-Sale gets to the root of students’ passions for math

Mrs. Charley-Sale dedicates her time to being more than just a teacher but an inspiration in her students.


Ms. Charley-Sale assists a student** with math work

Natalia McCalla, Staff Writer

Teachers strive for many goals throughout their careers. Judi Charley-Sale is a teacher striving to reach her goal by motivating and encouraging her students to enhance their math understanding, impacting their path to succeed.

Charley-Sale was born and raised in Jamaica where she discovered her love for math as a student and later became a teacher to help share that same love for math with her students. Students consistently come back to her and thank her for helping them understand hard math concepts and giving them hope to better themselves.

Charley-Sale coaches the team known as Mu Alpha Theta, a national mathematics honor club society recognized in high school and college. She spends her time every day during lunch coaching members and dedicates her time to after school tutoring on Mondays for those who require more one-on-one learning.

In addition to being a coach and an after school tutor, Charley-Sale spends most of her days at school teaching HL Math IB students and freshman Algebra II students.

“She wont let us move on until we understand the concept; she will stay so late to make sure we know the concept,” Carly Long (’19), a student in higher level math and the Mu Alpha Theta calculus team captain, said. “Whatever I do in life I hope to be as dedicated as her.”

With all the time that Charley-Sale dedicates to teaching math, she offers much more than knowledge of math but guidance and a positive outlook on life.

“She is  incredibly dedicated, I admire her dedication to her students, math and her love for life,” Brenda Seal, who teaches the freshman Inquiry Skills and sophomore Geometry class, said.

With the long hours spent on campus, school may seem like a second home to students, and with that many bonds are formed with teachers. With the numerous amount of hours of dedication and passion Charley-Sale has put in, her influence has reached many students and teachers.

“At times I regret giving up the valuable time that I should be spending with my daughter, but when a student gets accepted to their dream school, or gets a perfect score on external AP and IB exams or simply builds their confidence in math, I feel that it is all worth it,” Charley-Sale said. “I hope she will understand and possibly benefit from the passion of a similar educator in her academic career.”