From Traditional to IB

Long time traditional English teacher moves to the IB program.


Robinson’s new IB english teacher, Buffy Vassey

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

Buffy Vassey has taught English at Robinson for 19 years, but it’s her first year transitioning to teach ninth grade Pre-IB english one. Not only have the students recognized the diligence that she puts into her work, but the teachers also admire her work ethic.

It’s not easy to keep the attention of students for 90 minutes, but Vassey seems capable of grasping the students’ focus and enforcing that knowledge in their brains.

“She gives her homework to us at the beginning of class and tells all of her due dates right away. We get a lot of work done and I feel like all of her classes have been well organized and useful,” Mia Reineke (’23) said.

The ninth graders are finishing their first project and starting their third book and it’s only the second week of school.

“I have a very hands on approach,” Vassey said.” I like to work with the kids. I’m not the kind of teacher that sits at my desk and lets them work.”

The teaching style she utilizes has had a positive effect on her students, adding to her great reputation as a teacher.

“Since she was given the position she has been preparing for our students… She’s also just put in a lot of extra effort to make sure that she’s— again— meeting the needs of the students that she’s gonna teach this year,” said Susan Difederico,  another English teacher in Robinson’s IB program.

It is already evident that Vassey is seen as a dedicated teacher. The reason she became a teacher was because of the influence one of her former teachers had on her.

“I had a teacher in middle school who just brought me out of my shell and inspired me and I always looked back on him fondly and thought you know, I could be like him,” Vassey said.

The impact that this middle school teacher had on Vassey seems to be the reason for her allegiance to her students. Now, as a teacher herself, Vassey hopes to have similar opportunities to impact her students.