New biology teacher looks to make a splash

One of Robinson’s biology teachers is a new fish in the pond.


Photo Jack Kirk

New teacher Dana Scherer looks to explore her interests at Robinson.

Jack Kirk, Sports Editor

With a stream of new teachers at Robinson, the science department has seen an influx of new biology instructors. One of these new teachers is Dana Scherer, who is looking to make a splash with her students.

Scherer has loved science for most of her life, and her experience in college led her to teaching biology.

“Originally I went to school for marine biology, which is why I came down from Pittsburgh to Florida,” Scherer said. “I love what I do, I enjoy coming to work everyday.”

But her love for biology is not her sole inspiration for becoming a teacher.

“I was always like a swim coach so I think that kinda really like started my passion for just kind of like working with kids,” Scherer said. “So I was like how can I translate this to something that I want to do and that is what kinda put me into teaching.”

Scherer has been swimming since she was seven years old, and was a competitive swimmer in high school and at the University of Tampa. She is hoping to volunteer with the Robinson swim team this year.

Not only is Scherer new to Robinson, but she is also relatively new to teaching itself. This is her fourth year teaching, with the first three years being with East Bay High School. Despite being a newer teacher than others in her department, she has already made a good impression with her peers.

“She seems like a very relaxed person to work with,”AP biology and biology honors teacher Diana Marazzo said.

Even though this is her first year at Robinson, other new teachers have already started to look to her for help and guidance.

“I lean on her for like everything,” Biology teacher Diego Herrera said. “[I’m] Super grateful she’s right next door.”