From news room to classroom

Career changer Nancy Jergins settles into her first year at Robinson in hopes to teach students a love for reading and writing.


Robinson’s new English teacher, Nancy Jergins

Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor

As a kid most people are asked “what do you want to be when you grow up” and most the time it is ingrained in children that you only get one career choice in you life. But for Nancy Jergins, new English 2 and social media teacher, the opposite is true.

In the past Jergins has worked on Capital Hill and in the Senate, as well as in marketing and most recently, she was a broadcast news journalist for ABC and CBS stations. After ten years of working as a news anchor, Jergins decided to change career paths once again because she wanted to do something that benefited society.

“I love journalism. I love writing but I also love working with teenagers and I enjoy interacting with teenagers and I just thought it would help fill a need to become a teacher,” Jergins said.

Jergins went back to school after graduating from the University of Florida School of Journalism with a communications degree for a second time to follow her heart and complete a teaching program. Not only is Jergins excited for what she can bring to Robinson this year but so is English department head, Kailyn Morman.

“I’m looking forward to her bringing her past professional experiences to her students,” Morman said. “I’m excited to see how all our new editions within the English department work together to help our students become even more high-achieving and motivated to succeed.”

As the third week of school begins, students are already adjusting to her teaching methods and her classes. Sophomore at Robinson, Chance Gadson is taking English 2 with Jergins this year.

“Ms. Jergins class is pretty simple. She’s like really good at teaching, get the instruction and do it… It’s a really nice class to be in,” Gadson (’22) said.

Jergins is already making an impact on  students around the school and over the course of the year will continue to teach the curriculum to students to instill into them the drive and passion of reading and writing.

“I admire teachers and I just hope I can you know live up to the expectations of my students and this school,” Jergins said.