Meet the New Math Department Head

Steven Beaudoin starts his first year at Robinson as the new math department head.


Robinson’s new math department head, Steven Beaudoin

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

Steven Beaudoin is one of Robinson’s 19 new teachers for the upcoming school year. In addition to being a new math teacher he is also the new math department head for Robinson.

“We’ve been fortunate, we’ve had very good math department heads, so he’ll continue to do a great job like the rest of them,” said Steve Smith, one of his Beaudoin’s coworkers.

Beaudoin does have a strong teaching background with five years of teaching prior to coming to Robinson.  However, Beaudoin had a few very different jobs before becoming a teacher.

“I was a business manager and operations manager for Frito-Lay for four years in California and before that I was in the army for twenty-three years,” Beaudoin said.

After the Army, Beaudoin mastered in education mathematics at the University of Virginia and later moved to Florida.

“My wife is active duty, so we moved down here. She took a job at the central command CenCom,” Baeudoin said.

Beaudoin’s students have shared that he seems like a good teacher and expect a good year with him.

“He has a good teaching style [and] the way he explains things is good,” Andrea Aguirre (’21) said.

Beaudoin has also made a good impression on his coworkers at Robinson and his fellow teachers expect good things from him.

“He’s and very sharp, organized guy,” Smith said. “He cares a lot about the students, and I think he’s going to do a great job.”