Hello, Herrera!

Rookie Robinson Teacher pursues his love of teaching


Robinson’s new science teacher, Diego Herrera

Jennifer Le, Staff Writer

Diego Herrera is one of the 19 new teachers at Robinson High School but for Herrera, this will be his first year teaching. Herrera teaches biology, as well as anatomy and physiology.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” Herrera said. “But when I got out of college I didn’t really have any money and I know teachers get a bad rep for being underpaid so I joined the navy instead…four years later, I transitioned out and now I can comfortably be a teacher without having to worry too much about finances,” Herrera said. Now, Herrera is pursuing his love of teaching at Robinson.

The myth that is the small paycheck that teachers receive has created a negative connotation around their jobs. It’s true, some teachers aren’t paid enough for the effort they put forward everyday at school, but people like Herrera, who are passionate about teaching, are those who take it upon themselves to educate the people of the future.

“The interview at Robinson went really well with the principal and with Ms. Rosage, the assistant principal. I really liked the culture that they have. They talked about the family at Robinson. It’s also pretty close to where I live,” Herrera said.

Herrera, unlike what you’d expect to hear from a teacher, described himself in school as a “pretty okay student”. Instead of school, his focus was more on sports. His favorite sport was basketball and he still plays it today and is fan of the Miami Heat.

“I always had two A’s, two B’s, and two C’s”, he said. He talked about how after starting at Miami Dade College, he began to take his education more seriously. He expressed his goal was for students to walk out of his class and appreciate STEM, and not just the science part.

“I think so far I have more of a teacher-centered teaching style,” Herrera said. He likes more of a lecturing type lesson compared to student centered teaching.

“He’s energetic, enthusiastic, and he has a great understanding of the subject matter,” Ms. Paine said, talking about how her colleague acts in the classroom.

She teaches Biology with him, as well as Earth Space Science. Herrera teaches multiple students in traditional, who appear to like him so far this school year.

“He’s good,” says Julia Adler (’23), “I like the way he teaches.”

As new as he is to the position and career, Herrera hasn’t failed to impress his students or his co-workers.