Welcome, Ms. Sirois!

New FSA Prep teacher ready to make her mark on Robinson


Photo Jack Kirk

Ms. Sirois, the new FSA Prep teacher, has taught for 12 years. “I ask myself that every day,” She joked when asked about her reasoning behind her teaching career. “But really, I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to make a difference.”

Hanna Malone, Staff Writer

Before becoming a teacher, Kristin Sirois was an accountant. The pay was good, but sitting in a cubicle working with numbers all day is not the route Sirois wanted to take.

She decided that she would much rather work with people in a place where she could have an influence on society, so she decided to work in the school system. So, she got a master’s degree in educational leadership, and quit her work in the accounting field to start teaching English at a middle school in Connecticut.

“I just wanted to make a difference, I wanted to have an impact on people and their futures,” Sirois said.

After three years of teaching in her home state, Ms. Sirois moved to Florida and taught and moved aroud between middle school and high school until finally landing a job at Robinson teaching the FSA Prep Class for juniors and seniors. Her goal is to make sure that every student passes the Florida State Assessment.

“It’s very satisfying every time see a student pass that threshold, knowing they don’t have that pressure on their shoulders anymore and knowing they can graduate,” Sirois said.

So far, she is really enjoying working here at Robinson High School, and plans on staying here for a while. Sirois has already proven herself as a teacher who can make a difference. She is very much a people-oriented person, and students are able to see this. She works hard in order to inspire others to improve and surpass their personal goals.

“I know that [Ms. Sirois] is a great addition to the Robinson staff. She’s a hard-worker who really cares for the kids; she actually does research to ensure that every student benefits from the class,” Robinson’s reading coach Amanda Perez, said.

One of Sirois’ students Ryan Fil (’21), has also said that she is more than just a good teacher.

“She’s taught me more than just reading, she’s taught me to be a better person overall,” said Fil.