Kevin Nash steps into his first teaching position

Mr. Nash has big shoes to fill but is filling them fast


This is Mr.Nash in his class room.

Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor

Along with 18 other teachers this school year Kevin Nash is one of the new teachers on Robinson’s team. For Nash this isn’t just any other year, this is his first year teaching.

Nash is teaching liberal arts math and geometry this year. He took over in place of  Bill Gonedridge who retired in late August. With the pressure to fill Gonedridge’s shoes, Nash is stepping into the role and according to teachers and students alike, is doing a good job already. Although Nash is jumping into his position well he is still nervous for certain aspects of this year.

“I’m a little nervous about the geometry courses because it’s an EOC course and the exams have so much pressure on them so just making sure we get everything we need to get done there, ” Nash said.

Despite his slight uneasiness about his geometry class Nash is still liking his first year at Robinson so far.

“I think its different than the public schools I’ve been to before so I’ve definitely enjoyed it so far,” Nash said. “Its enjoyable. I enjoy math and I enjoy helping people out trying to make sure they get where they need to be.”

Nash has been in his position at Robinson for less than a month but is impressing his students and proving his talents at teaching.

“He’s doing pretty good, he actually teaches really well,” said Antonio Duclos (’21), a student taking Nash’s liberal arts math class. “He gives you examples of a problem and shows you how to do them and gives you a step by step tutorial and explains each step and then he gives you homework and it helps me.”

Both students and Nash’s coworkers are impressed with his skill and ability to jump into a position. Steven Beaudion, the math department head thinks Nash is taking over his classes well since Gonedridge left, and is excited about the skills Nash can bring to the department.

“He’s fresh out of the university, Beaudoin said. “He has the latest as far as how to teach and the best ways to teach mathematics, so he’s bringing those ideas to teach his students geometry.”