How to show your support for healthcare workers

Ways to give back to healthcare workers in a time of uncertainty.


Photo Tavern on Brand

Healthcare workers receive free food from a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Anna Woodward, Online Managing Editor

Healthcare workers are fighting tirelessly on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis and now more than ever before, it’s important to show our appreciation for them. Here are some ways that you can give back to and support healthcare workers in your community and globally.

  • Have UberEats or another service delivered. Many restaurants are still doing delivery orders and many people working long and stressful shifts may not have time to prepare their own meals. If it’s alright with the hospital or individual worker you’re planning to deliver too, even consider making a homemade meal.
  • Donate gloves, masks, hand sanitzer and other essentials. If they’re lying around and you’re not using them, give them to people who are running out of necessary supplies. If work with spray paint or with woodwork and have an unopened mask, consider giving that.
  • Make masks to donate to hospitals. Organizations like Atlantic Health System have instructions on how to make a mask out of something as simple as a sheet. For a written and visual explanation of how to make a mask, go to
  • Donate to funds like and These are two of many organizations that are raising funds to provide food to healthcare workers and assist them with the supplies they need to treat patients. Another way to donate money is through GoFundMe, which has a variety of different causes, many of which are raising money for healthcare workers and hospitals.
  • Spread the word that businesses like Krispy Kreme are giving free donuts to healthcare workers every Monday through May 6.
  • Showing support can be as simple as calling or texting someone you know that’s working hard and showing your gratitude. A simple text message or call to check in and see how they’re doing can make a difference.