How to do prom at home

Even though prom is cancelled, here are some ways to do it at your home.

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

Prom was supposed to be this weekend but there are still ways to have some fun on this night. Even though prom is not going to be in a room filled with loud music and sweaty people, you can still have a memorable one that no one has ever had before. Here are some ideas to have a fun and memorable prom at home.

  1. Do a Zoom call with friends- Get a group of your friends on a Zoom call, play music, dance with them or just have a conversation. You can have a dance party with and jam to your favorite music or just sit in your dresses and talk to your friends. Or you guys can all eat together and do all three: dance, talk and eat.
  2. Dress up in your dress or suit- If you’ve already bought what you were going to wear to prom and still want to wear it, put it on and dance in it, eat some food and have fun with your friends. Even though prom isn’t taking place anymore you can still dress up and take pictures in it to show everyone that you were going to have the best outfit there. 
  3. Create a Spotify playlist- Creating your own playlist is be a great way to simulate being at prom. If you’re on a Zoom call with your friends, you can jam out to your favorite music and dance and maybe even make a collaborative playlist. This might be even better because you’ll have your favorite music rather than some music you may not know or like.  
  4. Get takeout- Ordering takeout from a nice restaurant or even your favorite restaurant is a good way to hang out with your friends over Zoom. Talking and eating with each other over the phone may not have been your ideal prom but it will still be one you will always remember. You can also get takeout and sit in your front yard and social distance with some of your friends. 
  5. Decorate your backyard- Decorating your backyard with lights, balloons or whatever you have in your house is a fun way to get that prom feeling. Decorating it in a way that you like will definitely make this night special and unforgettable, not to mention be a great backdrop for pictures!