A practical prom

Robinson students find ways to celebrate prom at home


Sophia Crassas (’20) and Kaitlyn Patterson (’20) stand in front of their house in their dresses while their parents capture the moment.

Ava Hogan, Staff Writer

With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s easy for the smaller things, like prom, to go overlooked. But, our seniors and juniors refused to let COVID-19 interfere with some of their last high school memories.

Jules Whitaker (’20) celebrated her last prom with her cousin Lauren Whitaker. They participated in the SGN prom, hosted by John Krasinski. Whitaker made the experience even more real by pulling her old corsages out of safe keeping and adding them to the final look.

“It obviously was not the same as real prom but being able to dress up and dance around with her did make it feel a little better,” Whitaker said.

Seniors weren’t the only ones who participated. Zoe McIntyre (’21), celebrated her first prom with her family by dressing up and taking pictures.

“This year would have been my first time going to prom so of course it was upsetting to have to do it differently, but it was fun to get dressed up with my family,” McIntyre said.

Even if she couldn’t spend it with her peers, McIntyre’s family helped make this day extra special for her.

“[It was fun to] have different family members do my hair or makeup and just support each other for a fun day,” McIntyre said.

Sophia Crassas (’20), took part in her last prom by dressing up with her friend, Kaitlyn Patterson (’20). They tuned in to the 93.3 FLZ virtual prom.

“It was definitely different and even a little sad. This was my last prom in high school and I think all the seniors would have wanted it to play out a little differently,” Crassas said.

Patterson has similar feelings towards prom this year: “with it being my senior prom, I would of liked to of spent it with all my friends and just live out the long night, but it was still special knowing I had someone important with me”.