Q&A: Becoming SGA President in an unprecedented school year

SGA President Sadé Wallace (’21) shares how SGA will be adapting this year


“My experience as a member of RHS Student Government has been extremely rewarding…” Sadé Wallace (second from left) (’21) said.

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

Sadé Wallace (’21) is entering her final year in SGA (Student Government Association). Over her time at Robinson, she has risen to the position of SGA President. RHSToday sat down with her to talk about her experience in SGA and the organization’s plans for this upcoming school year.

Q: What prompted you to join SGA?

A: At the end of my freshman year a few of my friends told me they were applying to join student government. I didn’t fully understand what it was but it’s sounded a little interesting. I went into Ms. Sanford’s room to grab an application, only to find out that the application was due the following day-scary! Anyway, I still decided to go for it and submit it that next day…come to find out, it ended up working- YAY!

Q: Do you have a “vision” or goal for SGA this year?

A: Overall I am working toward facilitating an environment that encourages unity, growth and greater contribution to our community. For some additional insight on our organizational goals for the foreseeable future, here is the updated preamble to our constitution: We, the students of Robinson High School, in order to promote a strong sense of unity among the student body and the various school organizations; to maintain a better understanding between students and faculty; to institute a better relationships within our diverse student body; and to raise the standards and ideals of the students themselves, do ordain and establish this constitution for the student government of Robinson High School to promote activities for the improvement of the school, community, state, and country.

Q: How will SGA have a presence in the school if we go to eLearning full time?

A: Our SGA is actively working toward expanding information and resource accessibility through our instagram platform. We are consistently brainstorming new ideas of how to better contribute to our Knight Nation family. While most of our work will take place online, we have some socially distant volunteerism and community service ideas.

Q: I know that SGA had an online spirit week during the fourth quarter last year, can you tell me if you all have any more plans for something like that?

A: Our online spirit week was an impromptu strategy in order to reconnect and strengthen our school spirit. Upon looking at the metrics and increased engagement, we recognized the power of connecting via instagram; our student body participation was extremely strong! That being said, we are looking forward to facilitating more online spirit weeks.

Q: How will SGA’s responsibilities change this year?

A: The world is consistently changing everyday, our goal for Student Government is to remain adaptable, innovative and resilient through it all. Our responsibility remains the same: create an environment that encourages unity, growth and greater contribution to our community. Although our overall responsibility has remained the same, we understand that we must implement new creative avenues to effectively meet-and surpass-our goals.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your overall experience as an SGA member?

A: My experience as a member of RHS Student Government has been extremely rewarding, educational and beneficial for my development. Becoming a member connected me to the core of our diverse student body and increased my connections with our awesome faculty and staff. From planning events with administration to picking up trash throughout the campus, my experience has opened my eyes to the intricate functions and hard work that is crucial to build a productive community.