Fabian rises to Junior Civitan International President

Ethan Fabian (’21) has broadened his Junior Civitan experience to the international level


Photo Courtesy Ethan Fabian

Ethan Fabian (’21)’s headshot for his position as Junior Civitan International President.

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

Ethan Fabian joined Robinson’s Junior Civitan club in ninth grade with encouragement from his older sister. He never expected that three years later-his senior year-he would be helping lead the organization as International President.

Fabian’s role extends across North America, working with peers throughout the United States and in Canada. Junior Civitan describes itself as an organization dedicated to service, with “a special focus on helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” There are three levels to the organization: Clubs (local), District and International.

He began as a member of Robinson’s chapter of Junior Civitan, volunteering in school and in the community.

“Specifically here at Robinson, in the past we’ve done a lot with Special Olympics and we went to the Manhattan Center, which is a school for those with disabilities and we put on a festival for them,” Fabian said. “We do a lot for the special needs program at Robinson, we do some parties for them and we do a lot of stuff for them.”

His sophomore year, Fabian attended a Junior Civitan convention in Mississippi. There, he campaigned and ran for the position of Director, which he was successfully elected to. The following year, he was elected Vice President at the organization’s Washington D.C. convention.

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It’s changed my perspective in the way that I just get to meet so many people that are leaders and make the best of their [abilities]”

— Ethan Fabian ('21), on working with club members across North America

“[I did it because] I had a lot of fun last year on the board and I really wanted to continue doing that,” he said.

With the June 2020 convention being held virtually due to the pandemic, proper elections were not held, and Fabian rose to the role of President. Now, he oversees leadership, works with local student leaders and a board, organizes different opportunities for the organization and more.

With clubs meeting unconventionally this year, Fabian is focusing more on promoting membership and making sure that clubs across the nation are still able to do activities.

In retrospect, Fabian didn’t expect to become so involved in the organization. He originally joined to become more involved in community service at school, but nevertheless is thankful for the opportunities Junior Civitan has provided him. Fabian fondly notes going to Canada after raising 1800 dollars for the Civitan International Research Center in Alabama, which is dedicated to studying intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This opportunity has given Fabian a new perspective on the club, one that values going above and beyond what happens at the local level.

“When I joined the club, I was just interested in helping out with the club and the school, I didn’t really know that it went up to such a level…I was mainly focused on doing some service work in the school…I’m really glad that the opportunity was presented to me to do that (a higher level),” Fabian said.