Sprinkling a little joy into the IB department

Robinson’s newest IB counselor is full of joy and ready to help


Photo Zoe Thaxton

Robinson IB’s newest counselor, Ms. Kara Sprinkle.

Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer

With the pandemic still looming, many students feel more fear and stress from the possibility of getting sick on top of all their school work. These students look for help in their guidance counselors, and Ms. Kara Sprinkle is ready to offer help to any of her IB students in need.

Coast to coast, Sprinkle has worked in different states and schools over her previous eight years as a counselor, including Washington D.C. and Northern California before coming down to Florida. She believes this variety of places and environments has taught her many lessons about new perspectives on life and given her a cultural awareness that she can apply to her students.

Sprinkle always knew she wanted to work with psychology. There was just something about it that drew her in. Thus, being a counselor fulfilled this dream of helping others while also focusing on the mental health avenue of psychology.

“I love being around people. I love giving…” she said.

Though never working directly in the IB department before, Sprinkle has worked in IB schools in previous years and is more determined than ever to get to know and help any student in the program. She previously had the same position at Hillsborough IB.

“I actually interviewed for this position last year…I interviewed for here and I interviewed for Hillsborough,” Sprinkle said when asked about coming to Robinson.

Robinson, at the time, couldn’t guarantee a permanent position due to Mrs. George being on maternity leave while Hillsborough could. She stayed for the year and was cut from Hillsborough when they cut their IB counselors. Then, the same position at Robinson opened up and Sprinkle came to RHS. The student body and staff have welcomed her with open arms.

“I think Ms. Sprinkle is doing an outstanding job with her transition into the IB program,” IB Assistant Principal Amanda Batista said. “She has built a rapport with students, parents and our IB staff.”

Even amidst a worldwide pandemic, Sprinkle continues to put her heart and soul into her job. She knows that there is still fear about the virus, but she’s always there to help her students.

“I still wear the same hat. I’m still a counselor, so I still feel that I’m offering that individual support,” Sprinkle said.

Ms. Sprinkle is working hard to adapt during these times and is determined to find new creative ways to help all her students. No pandemic can hold back this counselor from sprinkling joy into the lives of Robinson students.