Horiszny gains fame through fitness

Bella Horiszny (’22) has created a TikTok platform centered around fitness, positivity and a healthy lifestyle


Photo Ethan Adair

Bella Horiszny (’22) has become “TikTok famous” over quarantine for her daily routines and fitness videos.

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor

Another TikTok star walks the halls of Robinson High School. Over quarantine, junior Bella Horiszny’s  TikTok platform has grown greatly. Horiszny’s account, @bellahoriszny, has amassed over 224.6K followers and 6.9 million likes.

Horiszny began making workout content on March 27th with her first health video getting 5,355 likes. Her account really started to expand on March 31st when her “7 Killer Ab Workouts” video got 86.5K likes. Ever since, her videos have become very popular and have gotten a lot of attention from fitness lovers and the health community.

Horiszny started her platform to encourage both a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for anyone that would watch her. Horiszny creates “what I eat in a day,” “days in my life” and workout videos to promote both healthy eating and motivate her followers to integrate working out into their everyday lives.

“I wanted people to see it’s possible for them to prioritize their health while loving what they do everyday,” Horiszny said.

Horiszny started her channel to inspire others to enjoy their lives and fill their days with activities that they enjoy. As her channel grew, Horiszny directed the focus of her platform to not only promote fitness, but to also spread positivity.

“I have a goal of motivating people to become the best version of themselves. I’d love for everyone to do what makes them happy everyday, whatever that may be,” Horiszny said. “I believe EVERYONE is capable of achieving their goals, its all about how much they commit to it.”

Horiszny shares that making videos and maintaining a successful platform takes a lot of work. However, even though her account may seem like a burden, the impact it has on others is certainly rewarding.

“It has definitely taken up a lot of my time. But, it’s all worth it when I get to see the positive impact on so many peoples lives,” Horiszny said.

This fame has also translated onto Instagram, where Horiszny’s @bellasbalance account has 17.6K followers. Horiszny uses this account to share meal ideas, motivational tips and give her followers a more personal insight into her daily life.

Horiszny is not the first teenager to become famous off of these social media platforms. But, Horiszny’s unique use of her platform for positivity and to encourage others has made her success all the more worth it.