COVID-19 friendly fall activities

RHSToday provides several ideas for safe and fun fall activities.


Photo Ella Wertz

Knightwriters have composed a list of activities to have a safe fall season.

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor

Fall has always been a hard season to embrace in Florida. The weather stays hot and the leaves don’t change. However, this year with COVID-19 regulations and the necessity to continue safe practices throughout any fall festivities, Florida’s weather provides the perfect environment to move all of the fall themed activities outside. RHSToday has compiled a list of seasonal activities that can be done while staying safe to help students enjoy the season.

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a fun and COVID friendly outdoor activity for fall. Grab a couple of friends, some pumpkins and maybe some design inspiration and start carving. This activity can be done both outside and while social distancing to ensure your safety and give you the opportunity to have an enjoyable fall afternoon.

Fall Themed Picnic

This is a great Florida fall activity. Since the weather doesn’t really change during the fall season, we still have access to perfect picnic weather. Bayshore and Davis Islands offer ideal picnic areas. To transform a typical picnic into a fall endeavor: you can serve pumpkin themed foods, sit on a fall colored or flannel blanket and bring your laptop to select a spooky movie to stream.

Drive-in Scary Movies 

A drive-in is a COVID friendly alternative to watching a movie in the theaters. Both Funlan Drive-in  and Armature Works’ Drive-in are showing spooky Halloween themed movies to encourage the fall spirit. Admission to Funlan Drive-in is $7 per person. To attend Armature Works’ Drive-in, you must pay $22 per car. To make this experience even more fall themed, you can bring fall snacks and cute, cozy blankets.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are great places to take cute fall photos with friends or family while social distancing. Hyde Park, St. Pete Pier and The Humane Society have the perfect patches. Hyde Park and the Humane Society’s patch is open till Oct. 31. St. Pete Pier’s pumpkin patch, this year’s newest patch, closes Oct. 25.

Fall Festival

Wesley Chapel has a fall themed festival that opens from Oct. 29 – Nov. 1. This event will include food trucks, live music, countless Halloween and fall activities. This outside venue of this festival makes it the perfect social distancing and COVID appropriate activity for you and your friends. Not only is this a safe way to enjoy fall, but admission to the festival is free.