Q&A: Senior gets vaccinated at the Moffitt Center

Elli Duffey (’21) receives her first dose of the Moderna vaccine


Photo Courtesy Elli Duffey

Elli Duffey (’21) standing outside of the Moffitt Center.

Juno Le, Online Managing Editor

Toward the end of 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two COVID-19 vaccines— the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

Vaccines are currently being distributed at spots around the Tampa Bay area and Elli Duffey (’21) was among one of the first students at Robinson to be vaccinated for COVID-19. RHSToday was able to interview her on this recent event.

Q: Which vaccine did you get and where did you get it?

A: “I received the Moderna vaccine at the Moffitt Center.”

Q: When did you receive your first dose of the vaccine?

A: “Friday, Jan. 15.”

Q: When will you be getting your second dose?

A: “Feb. 15.”

Q: What was the reason for you getting the vaccine before most of your classmates?

A: “I was recommended to get it by my oncologists. I think they wanted me to get it since I’m immunocompromised.”

Q: How did you feel before getting the vaccine? Were you worried or nervous?

A: “I was nervous about the actual injection but it ended up not being so bad. My main worry was the fact that it has reduced effectiveness on immunocompromised people, but it’s better to have something rather than nothing.”

Q: What was the process of getting the vaccine like?

A: “When we got to Moffitt we had our temperature taken and then we got in line to get paperwork for the vaccine. From the time we arrived to the time I got the vaccine it took about 15-20 minutes and then I had to wait 15 minutes after I received the vaccine before I could leave.”

Q: Did you feel anything immediately after receiving it?

A: “Nothing immediately after. The soreness appeared maybe two or three hours after I got it.”

Q: Have you felt anything in the past few days after being vaccinated? Any side-effects?

A: “For about three days my arm was extremely sore and I’d say the second day was the worst.”