Hollingshed steps up

The football team gets a new head coach


Photo Ethan Adair

Graphic of clips showcasing Hollingshed’s career.

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor

Marlo Hollingshed’s name may sound familiar to many students who attend Robinson. Perhaps they have seen him during their lunch period, as he has held the title of cafeteria manager. Last football season, however, he simultaneously served as an assistant coach, with an official position as the defensive line coach. With the departure of Coach Everhart from the sport’s staff, Hollingshed was just recently promoted to head coach.

Hollingshed does not lack experience; he has been coaching football for over 15 years. Before he came to Robinson in, Hollingshed coached at Jefferson High School for seven years.

“When the head coach resigned I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to continue the tradition and ensure that players had a coach that they were familiar with going into this next season,” Hollingshed said.

Outside of school and his coaching position, Hollingshed enjoys golfing, relaxing and cheering on his favorite professional football team: the Philadelphia Eagles. The new coach values his role, and is fervent on discipline and organization, something he expects out of players both on the field, in the classroom and outside of school altogether.

“I’m all about the kids, and that it’s first and foremost about their experience,” Hollingshed said. “So, I’m very big on teaching the fundamentals, not only for football but in life.”

Next year, Hollingshed anticipates a more successful season with improved athletic skill on the field.

“For now, I think it’s very important for us to get bigger, stronger and faster as a team. Once we teach the fundamentals of the game, we’re definitely going to be able to compete better on the field,” Hollingshed reiterated. “My biggest expectation is to get bigger and stronger so we can compete on Friday nights.”