Cribb aspires to help guide his students to success

Robinson welcomes a new IB Coordinator


Photo Juno Le

Cribb taking notes at his desk during second period.

Vikram Sambasivan, Staff Writer

Born and raised in Lakeland Florida, Daniel Cribb, Robinson’s new IB Coordinator, originally intended to go to law school.

Once in college, armed with a degree in Political Science, Cribb considered a career change and became a history teacher (in part because of the profound impact of his own history teachers, with whom he is still in contact with today). 

Before coming to Robinson High School, Cribb was an AP European History and HL History teacher at Strawberry Crest High School in their IB program. After teaching there for nine years, with an impressive record, Cribb sought a new challenge.

As Robinson’s new IB coordinator, Cribb strives to make sure that every single IB student has everything they need to succeed and to help students struggling with their work. He wants to keep as many students in the IB Program as possible and wants them to see it through. 

Cribb’s most treasured high school memories are the ones of him organizing school events as an officer of the student body. He hopes that the school can bring back a lot of its main events this year so that everyone can all take part in these treasured high school moments.

Cribb is incredibly passionate about tennis. He plays three to four times every week and follows it avidly (especially his favorite player, Roger Federer). A child at heart, Cribb is a huge fan of Disney and only visits the theme parks about “…60 times per year.”

Highly praised by his colleagues, Kara Sprinkle, Robinson’s IB guidance counselor described Cribb as, “…the Mac to my cheese.”

Regarding advice for students this year, Cribb believes that one shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew and that it’s alright for one to ask for help. He is willing to assist anyone who is in need of it and wants to help every student succeed. 

“Do your best, try your best, and if you try your best then nothing will stop you,” said Cribb.