Edgeworth Etches Out A New Future for the Robinson Aerospace Program

Robinson High School welcomes a new Aerospace teacher.


Photo Juno Le

Edgeworth explains groups for the jeopardy activity in his Aerospace 1 class that covers basic aerodynamics terms.

Vikram Sambasivan, Staff Writer

With many Robinson students searching for their future careers, Keith Edgeworth helps aid this search as Robinson’s newest Aerospace Technology teacher. 

Having an illustrious background in the aerospace industry prior to his coming here, Edgeworth was a pilot in the Northeastern United States and flew “block flights,” he also has around 10 years of teaching experience at the high school level in addition to his years as an FAA flight instructor. 

In Aerospace Technology, Edgeworth covers a wide range of topics ranging from Aerospace history to its effects on the modern world, but throughout the course, he tries to keep it interesting with project-based learning, and a more hands-on sort of teaching. This school year, Edgeworth hopes to get as many of his students certified in FAA ground school as possible.

In his short time here, Edgeworth has made quite the impact on his students, described as “…[concerned] about our future in aerospace,” and as a “…very good teacher,” by his former student Vikas Pulikathadam, Edgeworth is proving to be quite the influential teacher here at Robinson. 

Equipped with a certification to teach P.E., Edgeworth strongly believes in keeping one’s body healthy  because “…we’re always going to have our body, and we need to know how to take care of it,” Edgeworth said.

This belief in physical fitness plays well into his hobby of Motocross. Having started doing Motocross when he was a child in New England, he found his way back to it again, around 15-20 years ago, and even has his own track at home.

“The adrenaline rush is like nothing [else],” Edgeworth said.

A true fan of competition, in his free time Edgeworth enjoys watching MMA fights and Motocross competitions if he’s not able to attend them in person.  

Edgeworth believes that we should always “[try] something, [because] you’ll never know if you like it or don’t like it. If you don’t like it, then try something else. Always have that plan B, C, D, etc.”