Get ready for Club Day

The First club day is Monday. Sept. 13.

“Beep” Ugh, this is the third period in which you have done nothing but school work in a classroom with so few students, you are now regretting not joining any clubs, because, for you, club day has been a bust. If you don’t want this to happen, then here are three clubs you might be interested in joining.

Mu Alpha

If you are competitive, want to meet new people and like math, then club leader Priya Sambasivan (’22) highly recommends you join Mu Alpha Theta. Sambasivan herself joined the nationwide club in her freshman year and has loved it ever since. There are absolutely no requirements needed to join, and the club meets during third period. “You compete and practice and it’s a lot of fun!” exclaims Sambasivan. “I made a lot of friends really quickly.” This club has won tons of awards and brings out the competitive side in your peers, which, according to Sambasivan, is a really interesting thing to see, plus, it creates a closer bond. If you are interested in joining this club in even the slightest way, text @rhsmao2122 to 81010.

Future Healthcare Professionals of America 

Future Healthcare Professionals of America is a club run by Cameron McFarland (’23). This new club hopes to help people find interest in medical sciences. She has often found that people don’t know the extent of this profession and wants to help people recover the hidden beauty. “Honestly, just join and see if you like it!” McFarland said. After all, what is the harm of trying something new? Maybe you’ll find a fascination for it just like McFarland did, or maybe it will just be something cool you didn’t know about before. In this club, there will be speakers and presentations and anything more that you might desire. Since it is a new club, McFarland is willing to take ideas for how it should run and what events should occur. If you would like to join this club, there are flyers all around campus with a QR code for you to scan.

Women in STEM

Woman in Stem is a club run by Priya Sambasivan, it was created for anyone who has the slightest interest in learning about female-identifying scientists. There will be people who come from all over to teach about their job and how being a female affects their careers. “We have…neuroscientists and physicists and all sorts of incredible and smart people,” Sambasivan adds. The club wasn’t just made for women, the club was made for anyone who wants to learn anything about the amazing accomplishments of these people. Women in Stem is a refurbished club since it struggled over COVID, but now it is new and improved and ready for more members. If you would like to learn more or participate in this club, go to

Photo Club
he Photo Club in room 112. This is not an ordinary picture-taking club but one where you’ll be dressing up and doing photoshoots, taking candids and capturing exhilarating moments around the school. On club day you’ll meet during sixth period and there is a $15 club fee, you can either meet directly with Ms. Oben in room 112 to join or scan the QR code on one of the flyers hanging up around the school.

Asian American Pacific Islander Multicultural Association
Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Multicultural association, run by Juno Le (’23). This club involves learning about Asian heritage, building a safer space in the school for AAPI students, and getting in contact with AAPI countries by writing letters. All are welcome in the AAPI club so feel free to join and learn about a culture. These are just a few of the new clubs and if they sound interesting to you then join them! Get involved and try new things!

Table Tennis Club

Come show off your table tennis skills against other peers and teachers. Learn how to strike your opponent by getting a swift swing. In this club, students get to engage in competitive activities and show off their table tennis knowledge for all.

Club Chivalry

Although not a new club, Club Chivalry is looking for new members. Learn the qualities expected of an ideal knight. This includes courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and readiness to help. The chivalry club offers community service opportunities, food at every meeting, raffles, field trips, senior cords and more.