Q&A: First Time Donor Gives Blood

Mila Fultz (’23) participates in the school blood drive.


Photo Charlotte Stone

Fultz standing outside the blood drive bus right before donating.

Charlotte Stone, Staff Writer

The blood drive is back. Since last year was an unprecedented year, Robinson was unable to participate in many activities that students have become accustomed to.

However, as things are returning to normal, Robinson is able to experience many of these activities once again. One example of this is the annual blood drive, where students are given the opportunity to donate their blood for a good cause. RHSToday was lucky enough to get to experience this generous act firsthand with junior Mila Fultz.

Q: Why are you donating blood today?

A: I’ve always wanted to give blood because I think it’s a great way to help others in need as someone who has been lucky enough to be healthy. I also want to go into the medical field, so it’s a cool way to get connected to that I think!

Q: Is this your first time donating blood?

A: Yup! It’s my first time.

Q: What impact are you hoping to have?

A: I hope that I can help someone who’s caught in tough times by donating. I know the stress of medical emergencies can be awful, and donating blood is one way I can put someone’s needs at ease. 

Q: Have you ever thought about donating blood before today?

A: I’ve kinda always wanted to donate blood, so once I turned 16 and saw they were coming to Robinson I was eager to sign up. I think It’s a really cool way to literally give a part of yourself to help others in need.