Trick-or-treating Tips for safety

Halloween is around the corner and it is really important to stay safe this holiday season.


Photo L. Pustam

RHSToday file photo of Halloween candy.

Anneka deVries, Staff Writer

Halloween is, in my opinion, one of the best holidays. You get to put together creative costumes with your friends and get buckets of candy all at the same time. But, there are some people out there that take advantage of the spooky season to cause harm to others who are just out for a good time. So, here are some tips so you can stay safe this Halloween.

To start off, don’t go alone, go with a group of people that you trust. Going alone or going with people you don’t really know, can lead to you being put in dangerous situations.

Second, try to avoid any homemade treats. Being that they are not store bought, you have no idea if the person who made them put any unsafe ingredients in them.

Another thing is to be familiar with the area. When trick-or-treating, it is always best to be in an area you know is safe and an area in which you know your way around. If you are in an unfamiliar or unsafe area, you could easily get lost or be constantly worrying, which will ruin your night.

Although this one might seem obvious, look both ways before crossing the street! So many people get exited about candy and completely forget to look, and run across the street. Being that it is so dark, cars wont be able to see you.

Next, have a game plan. Determine a time you will be home at, and the general route you will take. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, but then you will at least have a plan so your friends/family know when to expect you back and will know if something is wrong.

Last but definitely not least, once you are done trick-or-treating for the night, check to see if any of your candy has been tampered with. Check to see if any pieces are open, ripped, have been opened previously, or have been resealed. There are people who take advantage of Halloween, and put harmful things in the candy.

Overall, just be aware of your surrounding and have fun! Don’t let the fear of what could happen ruin your night, instead, take these few precautions and have a great time!