Crab Shirts Slowly Swarm the R

A group of students wear the same Crab Shirt every Friday.


Photo Juno Le

Rizwan Ahmed (left) and Payton Heckman lift Thaxton up as the rest of the crab crew stands around them. One of the participants pictured, Gavyn Granger-Welch (’23), joined the crab clan on Oct. 8. “I thought it was cool and Petra had gotten one too so I decided to start wearing it with other people who wear them,” Granger-Welch said.

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor

Every single Friday, a group of students dresses up in the same top, and on that top is a crab. This group of students calls it “Crab Shirt Friday”. You heard it right. Crab, as in the fast, little ocean creature that has tiny claws.

RHSToday talked to the starter of the group, Andrew “Charlie” Thaxton (’23), to get some insight on why they started to unitedly wear the same shirt.

“It’s just a bunch of people wearing a shirt just because. There is not a hidden meaning for it,” Thaxton said.

When first hearing of these people collectively wearing a crab shirt, one could describe the feeling of being completely inarticulate. However, the thoughts were racing. Is this funny? Is this weird? What is the point?  Payton Heckman (‘23) was the second member of the group. This group just wants to feel included and joined in some way.

“People want to feel like they’re a part of something and if being part of something is as simple as wearing some shirt every Friday, then it’s pretty appealing,” Heckman said.

The school was buzzing with people dressing up in crab shirts and the size of the group was growing. Why was it growing so much? What made this group so popular? Will it continue to grow?

“More people joining now would be even better. It would add to the level of comedy that I think is already there.” Thaxton said.

Interestingly enough, it started from Heckman accidentally bought the same exact shirt as Thaxton.

“I initially meant to buy a different crab shirt, but it ended up being the exact same one and it just kinda went from there,” Heckman said.

“Crab Shirt Friday” has a comical background. Heckman admits that he finds humor in seeing a group of people wearing the same patterned shirt to school.

“To me, ‘Crab Shirt Friday’ is nothing more than a bunch of people wearing the same crab shirt every Friday because it’s funny,” Heckman said.