Fall Break Activities

Some fun activities to help you make the best of your fall break.


Photo Charlotte Stone

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Charlotte Stone, Features Editor

Now, I love fall break just as much as anyone else. It feels like there are practically no long weekends or days off during November. But, fall break is there to make up for it. However, when you’re stuck at home the entire break, it can get a little boring. So, here are some fun activities to keep you occupied during fall break.

Host a Friendsgiving: I know that the first option is kind of obvious, but it’s a great excuse to eat a ton of delicious food and hang out with your closest friends. To host a Friendsgiving, all you need are some Thanksgiving decorations, utensils and dishes, some food and, of course, friends. You may be thinking that hosting a Friendsgiving sounds super stressful and that the last thing you want to do over break is cook a bunch of food and host a group of people at your house. Actually, a Friendsgiving is much easier than it may seem because every guest is assigned a special Thanksgiving dish that they have to cook and bring so that you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a great way to have fun with your friends and show them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Although the last thing you may want to do is wake up early over break, this is a great family-oriented activity to do on Thanksgiving morning. It’s so comforting to wake up, cuddle up with family on the couch, a cup of coffee in hand, and enjoy the festive parade. Maybe make a nice breakfast for everyone to enjoy together or have someone go on a coffee run to Starbucks or Duncan Donuts. Either way, this is the perfect soothing way to start your Thanksgiving.

Have a holiday movie marathon: Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet Thanksgiving movie like “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” or you’re ready to start the holiday season off with your favorite classic holiday movies like “Home Alone” or “Elf,” this is the perfect way to take advantage of your limited time off from school and relax.

Volunteer: With Thanksgiving and the holiday season coming up, fall break is a great time to volunteer and give back to the community. There are plenty of places in Tampa where you can volunteer, especially over break. For example, every Thanksgiving, Meals on Wheels allows volunteers to deliver Thanksgiving pies and cards, amongst other items, to homebound seniors in Tampa. Metropolitan Ministries offers another opportunity to volunteer. From Thanksgiving until Christmas, the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday Tent will be taking volunteers to help distribute food to families in need across 6 counties! These are just two of many places you can volunteer over fall break.

Decorate for Christmas: This last option may seem a little soon, but as soon as Thanksgiving ends, it is officially Christmas season. This festive activity could be a fun way to end your break with either friends or family. You could go get a Christmas tree and spend the day decorating it or put up your Christmas lights or whatever other decorations you have. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends and family and get into the holiday spirit.