Senior Guard Makes Impact on Team

Myron Thomas is a leader on the court.


Photo Keirra McGoldrick

Myron Thomas (’22) dribbles the ball to evade a Sumner Player.

Araya Stearns, Staff Writer

Most athletes have a pregame game ritual like listening to music or having lucky socks. However, Myron Thomas (22′) just needs fruit punch, gummies and peanuts to hype him up and get him ready for the game.

Thomas is a senior guard for the varsity basketball team and has played for the last few years. Thomas has an impressive stat sheet, according to MaxPreps, with 20.4 points per game with the closest teammate at 12.4 ppg. He also accounts for one-third of the 59.4 total team points per game.

Thomas is a part of a veteran-heavy squad.

“The ones I count on the most are like Josh and all the seniors because they are the leaders on the court,” Thomas said.

Teammate Josh Walker (’22), a fellow senior guard, discusses that Thomas is a big part of the team.

“On the court he is a great player, his strengths he attacks the room and he feeds all of us the ball and scores continuously,” Walker said.

“Without Myron, we would have lost all the games because he comes in clutch plenty of times and every game he gives it his all,” Walker added, hitting much of the team’s success is due to Thomas.

Thomas credits his love of basketball to his father, who has been a big inspiration and supported him through his basketball career.

”I started off playing football and my dad [has] been telling me basketball since I was a kid, but I was too focused on football so I never paid attention. Then I played in middle school. So after my first game, I fell in love with it and after that, I’ve been locked in with it and he’s been pushing me to be great ever since.”

Thomas wants to continue playing basketball at a collegiate level.

“It’s most definitely my plan to continue playing basketball. I actually just received two official offers this morning for the future. I would say I want to continue to get better and go as far as I can in basketball.”