Q&A with New JROTC CO Liam McConnell

Get to know more on the new CO, Liam McConnell.


Photo Alexis Dietrich

Liam McConnell (’23) getting ready to throw a football to his peers around him.

Allie Barton, Social Media Editor

With the year coming to a close, the Junior Reverse Officers’ Training Corps had its annual banquet to honor the past leaders of the program and to award the new students who are filling their positions. They also cited the other cadets in the program for making it through their first, second, or third year of the program.

Liam McConnell is the new CO of the JROTC program at Robinson. He took over the position in April 2022. At the banquet, it was announced that he would be fulfilling the position in place of Alex Kring (’22). The CO stands for Cadet Company Commander. The position is responsible for all actions at the corporate level. Ensures that all operations and training are planned, organized and executed efficiently by supervising, advising and directing the staff.

How do you feel now that you are the new CO?

“It’s a very weird feeling being CO, it’s something I’ve aspired towards for a while. It’s an unusual feeling when you finally accomplish a very long-term goal.”

What responsibilities come with this position?

“In short as CO, I’m responsible for everything that happens in the unit. I don’t actually do everything nor do I get all of the credit. That being said I oversee everything and I need to direct my fellow staff members to what needs to be done.”

Why do you like JROTC?
“Personally I like JROTC at our school because it’s a community. I have personal connections with many people, of all different backgrounds and ages. It gives me a better perspective. The program has taught me discipline and how to excel in leadership.”

How will you manage your time with JROTC and your other commitments?

“For me, I will be a leader in S2S, A co captain for the football team and CO for JROTC. It won’t be easy and I look forward to how it shapes me. If your asking for my plan, I honestly don’t have one other than focusing on organization and time management to keep me in check with all of my responsibilities.”

What steps did you take to get to where you are now in the program?

“To get where I am now it took a lot of time and commitment at home, school, and on our trips around Florida.”

Why do you think people should join JROTC?

“JROTC at Robinson gave me a passion to improve myself and I encourage others to pursue similar goals. We also have lots of fun with trips and we have field days at school.”