New in town, Ms. Brown

Meet one of this year’s new teachers .


Ms.Brown got a kick out of Spirit Week! “Seeing all the school spirit in the students and what kind of outfits they come up with is always really cool,” Brown said.

Hanna Malone, Staff Writer

Melissa Brown, one of the new English 2 Honors and Reading 2C teachers here at Robinson, is already proving to be a strong addition to the faculty.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Brown graduated from Missouri State, majoring in Secondary English Education. At first, she had planned on majoring in psychology, but decided to switch because she had a real passion for literature and teaching; it only seemed like the right thing to do.

Shortly after she graduated, Brown moved down to Florida to be with family and officially began her teaching career at Spoto High School. She taught English there for seven years before transitioning to Robinson. Her teaching style can be described as more relaxed than most, as she tries to avoid tedious work and tends to assign more group projects where students can collaborate while reading and writing.

“Ms. Brown is a very fun teacher who is always doing something new and exciting,” Amanda Perez, a reading coach that works closely with Brown, said. “She really cares about her students and loves watching their successes!”

Brown is very passionate about her job, and truly enjoys time spent in the classroom; the students are what make her time worth while.

“I love interacting with my students,” Brown said. “It’s very important to get to know them so I can teach them more efficiently.”

So far, she has enjoyed her time here at Robinson.

“The students and staff are all great, almost everyone I’ve come across has been really friendly and welcoming,” Brown said.

In her free time, Brown enjoys doing yoga and hanging out with her two cats, a mother and daughter duo named Frida and Phoebe. Her favorite animal seems to be the cat, as her classroom has them scattered around in decorations. She also incorporates them into her style by wearing tee shirts and leggings featuring the four-legged companion animal.

“Ms. Brown is the best cat lady/teacher that I’ve ever met,” Malachi Hill (’22), one of Brown’s English 2 students, said.