Top 5 ways to celebrate Easter through quarantine

If your’e finding yourself stuck at home with nothing to do, try something from this list to bring some life to your Easter weekend.


Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor

If you aren’t sick with COVID-19, you’re probably sick of being pent up in the house and are trying to create a somewhat normal routine so that you have at least some grip on what’s happening to your life. With a major holiday coming up at just the end of this week, you may be scrambling to figure out your Easter plans and ways to make your holiday weekend as normal as possible. Below are five ways that you can spice up your Easter weekend, despite being stuck in quarantine.

  1. Create a Bible study– Invite your friends and family who you may not be getting to spend time with to a Zoom call. This zoom call can be spent sharing each of your favorite verses and discussing what each of you find important during Easter.
  2. Attend a service– you can go about this two different ways, the first-way being watch a service online whether it’s prerecorded or live both are great options. If you’re looking for a more interactive way to attend a service you can try finding churches that host drive-in services. New Beginnings Christian Church is only two miles from the school and will be hosting two services on Easter morning. One at 7 A.M and the other at 8:30 A.M where all you have to do is drive into the lot and turn your radio station onto 103.9. Another church that is hosting a drive-in church is Celebration Church, this church Is a 30-minute drive from Robinson so it may be perfect for people who live farther away. They will only be hosting one service at 10:30 A.M Easter Morning and all you have to do is turn your radios to station 102.3.
  3. Crafts– A fun way to get involved is creating Easter decorations or making Easter-themed crafts. One idea is creating eggs out of construction paper and decorating them that way rather than wasting regular eggs and having to go out to the store and buying dye.
  4. Food– Creating Easter themed desserts or other meals is a great way to get your mind off of quarantine and set on something that the entire family can enjoy. My mom and I just recently found a recipe for chick-themed cupcakes and I am so excited to make them with her this weekend.
  5. Movies– If all else fails and you find yourself with nothing to do on Easter night, cuddle in with your favorite movie and a bag of popcorn and try your best to enjoy your night.