Issue 1: Chill Bros in South Tampa is remarkable

Chill Bros is a place to go to once in a lifetime

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

Chill Bros just recently opened another location on Bay to Bay Saturday, October 10. It’s a perfect place to try if you want something unlike other places like Dairy Queen, Twisty Treat, or Baskin Robbins. When I first heard about it I thought it would just be another ice cream place with the same classic flavors but it’s a mouthwatering sweet treat with lots of contrasting varieties that I didn’t even know existed.

The outside of the building is very artistic with many plants and colors that make it stand out. The lines are usually a bit long but they go down really fast considering there are only 3 people working behind the counter. There are lots of places to sit as well. Outside seating, inside seating and even seating toward the back to hang out at like a little jungle. The environment is just really nice and welcoming especially the employees. They are really sweet and helpful and seem to like where they work.

The inside is very clean and creative with art on the walls and ceilings. Right when you walk inside there’s music playing that varies from different kinds of genres but mostly Indie modern music which I really loved. They also have a shelf full of their merchandise like hats, shirts, and mugs which has their logo on it.

When you go to the website they have all of the kinds of flavors, cookies, floats, and shakes if you are curious about what you want which I thought was helpful. Their ice-cream is vegan for the people who want something sugary and good. Their cups are also environmentally friendly and don’t fall apart.

I decided to get the 2 scooped Double-down Oreo with sprinkles in a cup and any time you order ice-cream you will get a triangle-shaped waffle sheet which absolutely outstanding and I don’t really order waffle cones. The waffle sheet just gives a perfect balance with it and looks aesthetically pleasing. The Double down Oreo is very chocolaty if your chocolate lover. While I was eating, it definitely was new to me knowing that I’ve never had a preference for chocolate ice-cream but it was very delicious.

They have loads of different flavors like Tampa Banana, Bees Knees, Chronic Popcorn, Sicilian Pistachio, and Spanish Olive oil which are very interesting considering other flavors that you’d see at a normal ice-cream place.

I’d definitely recommend going to Chill Bros at least once to try something different. It’s an excellent place to go on weekends with friends. You can tell they’re trying something new but want to keep it modern. They stand out from others and it gives them a lot of attention from people who are curious about the place. I’m excited to see the future with Chill Bros and the different kinds of flavors in the future. It seems like they want to make ice cream for everybody and want to make things better for the environment.