Issue 1: Freshman swimmer lays down new records

Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer

Robinson newcomer Brooke Beede has been destroying previous records set by the swim team that date back to 2017, 2015 and even 2013 on her first year on the team. At almost every meet this year, she’s beaten a record whether it was an old time or beating her own time. At the Alonso swim meet on October 6th, Beede managed to retake her record for the 200 IM with a time of 2:13.41 after Isabel Sayuag broke it during the Academy meet. To say the least, the freshman has some talent and has made her mark on the swim team.

Beede has been swimming since early childhood, around the ages of 7 or 8. Even at that young age, she started swimming in club as swimming just felt natural and was something she enjoyed. Now she trains everyday and on most days twice a day to improve herself at the sport she loves.

Even her teammates are encourages by her dedication. Sadie Jacobson (’21) is a captain on the swim team and has swam along side Beede in relay races. Together, the two, along with Isabel Sayuag (’24) and Avery Hawker (’24), have also set records for their time in events like 200 medley relay with a time of 1:56.81 and the 4 X 50 with a time of 1:45.1. Jacobson, though a captain and a senior, sees how much potential Beede has and how well she’s preformed on the team.

Jacobson said, “Brooke has made a great contribution to the team for her outstanding performance. Her speed alone motivates her teammates to push themselves harder in practice.”

Beede, though not quite a leader on the team, still inspires her teammates to work hard and keep practicing. In and out of the pool, Beede shares smiles and is very outgoing and sweet to everyone on the team. Jacobson sees that she is on track to being a great leader.

Beede is very humble about her accomplishments and was even surprised by her own times when she broke her records. Still, she looks up to the upperclassmen on her team. “…I know there are many other people in the swim world faster than me and I look up to them and want to get there as I know they work hard for it.” She said. She believes there is always room for improvement and strives to get better.

This is her first year on the team and she’s already made herself a huge part of them team. Coach Atkins has high hopes for Brooke with the coming years. “She might continue to set records over the next four years… probably break her own records.” He said.

Though the official swim season ended on October 15th with the final meet against Tampa Heat, Beede has high chances of making states and breaking even more records on her way there.